Jack Harshbarger

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After graduating from the U. of Cincinnati in Metallurgical Engineering. Mr. Harshbarger first worked for International Nickel Corp.  While there he obtained a patent for continuous electropolishing of high nickel alloys.  Later when he worked for Xerox Corporation and obtained a second patent for a powered metal part used in the Xerox copiers (there is a patent picture of this and a black and white picture).  While at Xerox Mr. Harshbarger finished an Executive Development MBA program with a concertation in economics at the U. of Rochester 

After various management assignments at Xerox in R &D, manufacturing, program management, marketing, and sales management.  Mr. Harshbarger was assigned the task of turning around a business at Kodak.  The task was defined as launch the business in 18 months to market or be fired.  The journey seemed like an Indiana Jones movie (picture) with Mr. Harshbarger and the business barely escaping one danger after another but kept moving forward.  The business was launched, and a patent was issued (second patent picture).  The success was based on applying new leadership methods called Compelling Leadership. 

Apparently, the business challenges were not enough.  During and after the Kodak challenges, Mr. Harshbarger became a marathon cross ski (pic) racer in upstate New York, including races at the Olympic race cross in Lake Placid, NY  

After 19 years of teaching in college and consulting with hundreds of small businesses Mr. Harshbarger is offering his experiences with leadership and helping small businesses in Delaware.  Once again Mr. Harshbarger is starting something entrepreneurial, Thank Goodness It’s Monday.

Working with the factory to implement the Corona Generator patent
Finishing a 32K cross country ski race on the Tug Hill Plateau in upstate New York
An 18 month time to market goal led to many escapes just in time!
Kodak product launched in 20 months

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